Using Ichimoku with multiple timeframes


Remember this if you want to analyze different timeframes with Ichimoku:

When you have a signal on your main timeframe, and when you prepare your trading plans, then it is advisable to switch to the higher timeframe in order to look for targets and validate the signal.

It is also advisable to switch to the lower timeframe in order to refine your entry point.

People often ask me which TF exactly must one chose to start with?

I would answer that everything depends on your availability (the time you can devote to trading), and your tastes (depending on whether you prefer short-term trading, intraday, medium or long-term trading). But don't worry too much about this. All roads lead to Rome. How and why to use multiple timeframes, and which timeframes you should choose according to your trading habits (short, medium or long term) is a vast topic. In my course, ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO THE COMPLETE COURSE, you will find many pages discussing this topic including a full video.